Who is Agnes?

Agnes is a little girl who is hungry to learn but also just hungry. She lives in a fun, colourful world that is full of wonder and great food. In her first adventure, Agnes is learning the alphabet, and she is also learning about all of the wonderful cuisines from cultures all over the world!

Agnes is the perfect companion for your little one, as they too learn about the flavours of the world, and the letters of the alphabet. With Agnes as their culinary guide, they will associate letters to foods and wonderful images to help the learning process a lot more fun. Agnes is out to explore the world, and she’s starting with the world of food in Agnes Eats. With more adventures to come!


Teddy is one of Agnes’ favourite toys. Having been with Agnes for many years, he loves her very much. He likes to play with his friends on the shelf but also has an adventurous streak and looks for ways to learn new things and grow!


Elephant never forgets and is always willing to help anyone out, especially his friends. He is able to make plans and execute them with precision and ease. With his excellent memory, if he has learnt a skill in the past, he always remembers it.


Wise Owl is, well, wise! She has vast amounts of experience and knowledge. Ask her anything and she will probably know the answer, and if she doesn’t, she will find out! She’s always willing to learn new things and increase her knowledge. Always supportive of the achievements of others she is a great friend and always is one you can rely on.


A very loyal friend, Giraffe loves to support those she loves and always celebrates other people’s achievements. She has an inquisitive mind and is a great problem solver. She always looks out for those she loves.

The Agnes series begins with Agnes Eats today!

Nilesh Champaneri has made learning a lot easier and way more fun. Noelia Quintero brought the simple idea of learning about the alphabet through food to life in a fun, colourful world that your children will adore. This paperback will be a helpful visual learning tool that you will revisit many times to help your children grow and form the literary skillset. 

In just thirty pages, your little ones will understand more about the wide world of food, and the alphabet in no time. Grab your copy of Agnes Eats and let’s get learning today!

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