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Agnes Eats

The Agnes Eats Paperback is available now

Written by Nilesh Champaneri and illustrated by Noelia Quintero this bright and colourful paperback lets your children adventure through the alphabet with food as the visual learning tool. Over thirty pages, your little ones will learn by association with a range of foods they already know, while also exploring many they are yet to try!

Join Agnes on the first instalment of her adventure through a world of fun and learning today!

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About Nilesh Champaneri and The Agnes Family

Nilesh Champaneri

Nilesh Champaneri created Agnes in 2019. What initially started as a book about a little girl who loves to try different food, can span a full series of adventures in which Agnes explores the wonders of the world while learning some valuable life basics, just like the alphabet in the first edition!

The Agnes Eats book is the first book in the Agnes series. Agnes’ character is based on one of Nilesh’s very dear friends, a real-life Agnes who is fun, energetic and full of life!

Agnes Writer
Agnes painting

About Noelia Quintero and The Agnes Family

Noelia created the illustrations while working with Nilesh at all stages of the creative process, sharing ideas and working together to create the stunning images to bring Agnes to life. With her wonderful imagination, she has captured Agnes’ lively spirit and personality.

Her inspiration to design Agnes’ character initially came from her daughter, Lucía, her little girl who is as curious  and keen to learn as Agnes is!

Noelia has chosen colours that are bright, fun and would instantly draw children’s attention with their striking appearance. She wanted the colours to stimulate children’s curious minds from the first page to the last.

Noelia Photo

The benefits of learning with Agnes

There are many benefits for children when they dive into the world of literature. Along with increasing language acquisition and reading comprehension, they can improve their vocabulary, story patterns, fluency, and writing skills. Encourage children who show an interest in reading books with a little help from Agnes and her colourful, inquisitive world.

Children’s books offer a range of benefits to young readers, including:

Helping Your Children develop with picture books

Visual aids and picture books such as Agnes Eats are an influential source of learning for language, new concepts, and various lessons for young children. The nature of parent-child interactions during shared book reading support children’s learning and help to transfer the information they see on the page to the real world. 

Children’s symbolic development is helped significantly by the content information in picture books. Be it learning and transfer of words and letters, to visual stimulants in the colours and illustrations, your child’s ability to learn can be measured by a simple and fun book.

A character like Agnes can help children learn facts, concepts, and values that can then be applied to real life. 

Broadening horizons for both parent and child

The quality time that a parent receives by reading aloud to their child is priceless. Agnes makes it easy for a child to read to themselves as well. Children can share and explore Agnes Eats with their friends and explore the world of food and literature. With the other books in the series, children and immerse themselves in Agnes’ world


We are Coming Soon!

Agnes Teddy

Agnes and her friends are coming soon with new adventures and fun. 

The second chapter of the Agnes series is coming soon! Learn about her friends and their adventures in this beautifully illustrated story

Written by Nilesh Champaneri and illustrated by Noelia Quintero, the fun journey with Agnes is a great way to spend time with your kids every night. 

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