Agnes Eats

The Agnes Eats Paperback is available now

This wonderful children’s book was written by Nilesh Champaneri, an author who much like Agnes, loves food! In an effort to make the very important task of learning the alphabet a lot more fun, Nilesh has started the Agnes series with a book about some of the most delicious foods available.

The inquisitive world that Agnes lives in has been brought to life through some stunning unique drawings and plenty of colour thanks to illustrations by Noelia Quintero. Everything is bright and colourful to hold the attention of your children as they adventure through the alphabet.

We can’t think of a better learning tool than food! In thirty pages, the task of learning by association will be a lot of fun thanks to Agnes and her customised alphabet menu. Join her on the first instalment for a lot of fun and learning today.

Agnes Eats

Add Agnes to your child’s learning strategy

Picture association has been proven over many years of teaching as an effective form of learning. Young emerging readers will love Agnes and her fun, friendly, colourful world, using pictures to associate various food, some they will know, and some they won’t, with the letters of the alphabet.

Agnes Eats can be read at any time of the day including before and after dinner, as the book will certainly make you hungry for many of the delicious dishes inside!

Agnes playing with ball

Learn with food and Agnes today!

The first chapter of Agnes’ adventures Agnes Eats is out now. Learning about the alphabet is a vital step in the development of your child, and Agnes helps to make it a lot easier. Journey with her help, a stack of delicious food, and some stunningly beautiful imagery. 

Written by Nilesh Champaneri and illustrated by Noelia Quintero, the fun journey from A to Z with Agnes is a great way to reinforce the alphabet with your kids every night. The introduction to letters and reading and the many delicious delights of the world just got a lot easier.

The Agnes series begins with Agnes Eats today!

Nilesh Champaneri has made learning a lot easier and way more fun. Noelia Quintero brought the simple idea of learning about the alphabet through food to life in a fun, colourful world that your children will adore. This paperback will be a helpful visual learning tool that you will revisit many times to help your children grow and form the literary skillset. 

In just thirty pages, your little ones will understand more about the wide world of food, and the alphabet in no time. Grab your copy of Agnes Eats and let’s get learning today!

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